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Sunday, April 4, 2010


The word identity has a significant meaning in the contemporary world. It means more than being an independent nation or a geographical location. It has something deeper and more complex which is concerned with the lifestyle, thoughts, faith, arts, sport and other routines. . That the UAE has an important geographical location and the atmosphere and natural security system helped to attract visitors to and accommodation from around the world and all these things caused the mixing of people and get to know the identities and customs. Has caused the loss of national identity of the UAE nationalities. In this essay I am going to write about the loss of Emirati Identity.

There are many problems which face the Emirati society and by those problems they may lose their Identity. The first important problem is that in UAE are many companies which allow mixing between women and men and they are from different nationalities. Most of the time during the work and break time talking to each other with different languages about their habits and traditional and by the time they are wearing, eating and practicing their different traditional. Another problem, mixing men with women give a chance to the local forgetting his tradition and marry from different country and forget his main language in case his wife is talking in English or not Arabic languages. Third, major issue is that some parents are both working and keeping their children in a private school which not teaching their children about the national traditional and attention in English languages only.

Although there are many problems for Emirati losing their Identity, there are some solutions. The first important solution is that to teach the foreigners Arabic languages and keep our language the main in a duty work. Another solution is to keep at time for children and teach them our traditional and Arabic languages. Final solution is to keep some gap between women and men at work.

To conclude, the main important thing is to keep using our Arabic languages everywhere in school, companies and other governments work. we must give our kids some in formations about traditional.
This table gives data on number of children with different ages who killed in road accident 2004 in three month period.

It can be seen that the highest number of accident was caused by young children aged between two and seven, playing in the street. In this case a number of 214 children were killed, 98 of them were under 4. On the other hand, the least number of casualties occurred going to school, keep only 25 deaths occurred 1 at aged 15-16 and 2 aged 12-14.other cases included returning from school. Cycling in the street and shopping for their parents.

There for it is possible to stop and not allowed children to play in the street is a very dangerous activity. Road accidents caused by children shopping for their parents should also to be avoided.

Fast-food and the UAE

* Fast Food in the past
* Fast Food in the present

* Causes
* Effects

* Summary
* Future Statement
Fast Food in the past

healthy, freshly prepared food

* Fast Food in the present

Many people, particularly young people, prefer to eat fast food such as hamburgers, fried chicken, shawarma, or pizza.

The change in lifestyle.
The huge number of young, affluent people in the UAE.

Effects on health like obesity.
Loss of family tradition of eating together.
Economic effect: Many of the fast-food companies are
franchisees of foreign corporations, so profits
leave the country.
Fast food is convenient and tasty but it can have serious health and social effects.

Future statement
People should learn to choose fast food carefully and remember the pleasure of eating good food in good company.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

TV Addiction

Nowadays every home has more than one TV and people know it is important and useful, at the same time there is also some problems that it can cause it. I am going to write an essay of problems and solutions of TV .

the first main problme that TV can cause so many problems to children eyes because they stay watching very close to the screen . Another problem is that our children may not get friends because they give the TV all off their time. another problem is that they west their time on un useful programs and they forget their home works. The final problem is that they can get bad habits from actors and not joining their family meeting at home.

Although, there are some problems there are also some solutions. The first main solution is that parents must give their children a limit time to watch TV and the limit time which they will get must be on useful programs. Another solution is that when the children watch TV we must keep them far away from TV and set on chairs to avoid back and eyes pain and diseases .Third solution is that they must visit the neighborhoods which their children that near to your children age and play with them.

In conclude, although watching TV for long time is very bad still people can control their children time and advice them all the time.

Date Production

The bar graph shows the top ten date producing countries in 2001. Overall the top three producers they are Egypt, Iran and UAE but Egypt is the most country that produced the more dates in that year.

Egypt produced more than a million tonnes and that keep it in the front of other countries. Iran, Saudi Arabia and the UAE produced more than seven hundred thousands tones in that year.Iran is the second country produced around 850,000 tonnes and that more than UAE around 70.000 tonnes in the year 2001.The total of the dates producing in 2001 of Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and UAE were 2 million and 840 thousand tonnes.UAE is much more than Algeria in 2001 of date producing it was about 380,000 tonnes.Libya and Sudan each of them accounted for less than 200,000 tonnes. Oman’s production in 2001 was 220,000 tonnes and Sudan’s production was only 180,000 tonnes.

In conclusion,there are only six countries which produced more date in 2001 over half million tonnes and the leading producer was Egypt which produced 1 million and 100 thousand tonnes that year. The lowest producer was Libya.

Leisure Products

These pie charts show how much is paid for free-time products in the UK by two different age groups; young and old.
We can see that electronic equipment has the highest percentage for either age group. For photography, it is having the least percentage. The electronic equipment is the most significant item accounts for 41% in the young group, which is a bit more than that spent by the old group which is 38%. Sports product comes in second for the young group with 20%, whereas this product is as much as a quarter in the old group (5%). The old group spends more money on books and magazines (28%). And it is only 16% for the young group. Both group spend the same amount on photography (5%) which is the lowest for both.
In conclusion, electronic equipment, books and magazines constitute more than half of spending of both groups and photography product constitutes the least percentage for both groups.

Holiday Destinations

Both pie charts give information about the number of people went to different destinations from the U.K and Ireland in 2006.
The charts show that France IS the most popular country for both the U.K and Ireland . In addition to that, Poland and Belgium are the least famous destination for both of them.The most clear destination is France, where it reaches 32% from the U.K and it accounts for 25% from Ireland, so it’s the most popular for both of the countries. however, Spain comes on the second country from the U.K (28%), while this country is nearly the least one visited from Ireland. Italy has 24% of people travelled from Ireland which is almost a double as much as the people went from the U.K. The least visited countries are Poland and Belgium for both the U.K and Ireland.

In conclusion, although half of people travelled from the U.K or Ireland went to France and Spain, the least percentage for both countries travelled to Poland and Belgium .