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Saturday, April 3, 2010

TV Addiction

Nowadays every home has more than one TV and people know it is important and useful, at the same time there is also some problems that it can cause it. I am going to write an essay of problems and solutions of TV .

the first main problme that TV can cause so many problems to children eyes because they stay watching very close to the screen . Another problem is that our children may not get friends because they give the TV all off their time. another problem is that they west their time on un useful programs and they forget their home works. The final problem is that they can get bad habits from actors and not joining their family meeting at home.

Although, there are some problems there are also some solutions. The first main solution is that parents must give their children a limit time to watch TV and the limit time which they will get must be on useful programs. Another solution is that when the children watch TV we must keep them far away from TV and set on chairs to avoid back and eyes pain and diseases .Third solution is that they must visit the neighborhoods which their children that near to your children age and play with them.

In conclude, although watching TV for long time is very bad still people can control their children time and advice them all the time.

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