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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Date Production

The bar graph shows the top ten date producing countries in 2001. Overall the top three producers they are Egypt, Iran and UAE but Egypt is the most country that produced the more dates in that year.

Egypt produced more than a million tonnes and that keep it in the front of other countries. Iran, Saudi Arabia and the UAE produced more than seven hundred thousands tones in that year.Iran is the second country produced around 850,000 tonnes and that more than UAE around 70.000 tonnes in the year 2001.The total of the dates producing in 2001 of Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and UAE were 2 million and 840 thousand tonnes.UAE is much more than Algeria in 2001 of date producing it was about 380,000 tonnes.Libya and Sudan each of them accounted for less than 200,000 tonnes. Oman’s production in 2001 was 220,000 tonnes and Sudan’s production was only 180,000 tonnes.

In conclusion,there are only six countries which produced more date in 2001 over half million tonnes and the leading producer was Egypt which produced 1 million and 100 thousand tonnes that year. The lowest producer was Libya.

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