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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mothers hold a very special place in their children hearts.

I love and miss my mother so much today, in yoga this morning I saw her fussing around me, she is the most beautiful sight in the world for me.  Our bond was so close, I wonder how many time we have shared lifetimes together to make the ties so strong.  Most mothers, have the most significant roll in our life, I don't think there is anything more eminent in our lives than being a mother, an experience I missed out on in this life.  It seems to me it is the most important roll we play, your influence is with that child for the rest of their lives and that influence will be passed onto the next generation.  Mothers play a paramount roll in our lives which impacts on the rest of our lives and shapes generations to come.  I feel in this society it is very much discounted and devalued motherhood.

 I am feel sad so I divert myself with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Smartphone:

I needed more distraction so I went to the movies and saw "Hope Springs"

I saw the movie 'Hope Springs' with Meryl Streep & Tommy Lee Jones about their 31 year marriage which has lost it spark.

 Sex involving couples older than 50 is pretty much a taboo subject in Hollywood films, so to the credit of the director David Frankel who persuaded the actors to play leading roles, because this film on an important subject one that may strike a cord with older couples.  

It isn't one of those dumb comedies - it's quite a serious & extremely touching and intimate film  and the performances are quite wonderful.  

I was impressed how it was done and that it was done at all, being a subject that is off-limits.

The other 2 movies I want to see are "Chinese Take Away"  set in Buenos Aires, about a grumpy middle aged man with firm habits and self imposed loneliness who life is changed by a young Mandann speaking Chinese man.  The plot was actually based on an incredible real life incident that gave the director / writer the inspiration of the film.

And 'Your's Sister, Sister" a good independent American film which is dialogue driven. Margaret & David both gave it 4 stars.

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