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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Best Family Beach Vacations

Best Family Beach Vacations - The best beaches can be found along the Atlantic and Pacific Coast.  Here are a few ideas you may wish to consider for your next family beach vacation.

Florida Beach

Florida Beach

From Ft. Lauderdale to Miami Beach, Florida is a prime resort area for family vacations.  With perfect weather and miles and miles of beaches, this area is affordable, diverse, and has a wide variety of water-sports, restaurants, and a myriad of activities for children. Cocoa Beach is only an hour away from the Kennedy Space Center and Disney World.  In addition, Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is considered one of the best in Florida.

Fringed by more than 2,000 kilometres of powdery-sand shoreline, Florida provides a perfect setting for a romantic beachside sunset walk, an intimate al fresco dinner or even a relaxing glass-bottomed boat ride amid the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico. On this enticing merit alone, holidays to Florida 2012 are increasingly desirable for romantic, couple-only breaks and the demand for picturesque, boutique-style and most of all, private, beachfront resorts is growing. Booking Florida holidays for 2013 may seem like a big jump ahead, but with popularity continuously increasing now would be a great time to book a fabulous early-bird deal.

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach.

Among the many favourite activities for children include: Ripley’s Aquarium, Le Grande Cirque, a show quite famous for its acrobatics and other circus performers; and Myrtle Waves Water Park.  For older children, a definite must-see is the NASCAR Speedpark.

 The city of Myrtle Beach is known as one of the best places in the United States to go for family oriented fun for Myrtle Beach itineraries. Golfing, fishing, swimming in the ocean or lying on the beach are only the beginning of the wonderful ways to enjoy Myrtle Beach. Both Myrtle Beach vacation rentals and Myrtle Beach hotels are available for accommodation during your vacation, as well as a stunning array of resorts">golf resorts for Myrtle Beach golf vacations. Below, you will find suggested itineraries Myrtle Beach which includes information about some of the most popular activities in town.

With a myriad of dining options, shopping, and other historic sites; Myrtle Beach has been named the number one choice for beach family vacations in the U.S.

Hampton Beach

Hamptons Beach. 

One of the most affordable vacations for beach-loving families is East Hampton, New York.  The best place to stay is at the East Hampton House.  The rooms are available in one and two bedroom units that contain fully-equipped kitchens and/or kitchenettes.  Moreover, you have guest privileges at the nearby beach. 

At the Hampton Beach, a day can be spent spectacularly on the sand that is sandwiched between the refreshing Atlantic’s surf and row of amusements, accommodations, restaurants, beating adventures and shops. Hampton Beach has been rated as the safest beach to swim because of its cleanliness of water.

The beach has also been rated one of the top four superstar beaches in the United States in the year 2011. Hampton Beach is one of the busiest beaches and a popular tourist destination in the United States. There are several shops, boardwalk and seasonal hotels along the Hampton Beach. The Casino ballroom is an attractive point

Although this vacation spot does not offer food, it does have an indoor gym and offers morning coffee there as well.  But, across the street is a deli that has an array of items on their breakfast menu and is very affordable.  In addition, there is a Chinese restaurant across the street as well as a take-out barbeque, and deli. 

The grounds are impeccable and there is a very large pool (one for the kiddies, too) where you can lounge in the sun.  A tennis court is also on the premises.  Every room has its own balcony with lounge chairs and a table. 

If you live in the New York area, it is a 90-minute trip by car.  The East Hampton Inn is centrally located – five minutes from town, restaurants, shopping, and a movie house.  You can even take a short trip to Montauk and visit the historic lighthouse or spend time at the beach there.

Hawaii Beach

Hawaii Beach 

Of course, nothing can compare to the beaches that are in Oahu, Maui, and Kauai.  No matter what island you choose, Hawaii has the most pristine beaches anywhere in the U.S.  Moreover, there are black-sand beaches on the island of Maui as well as a myriad of activities for the entire family.

Hawaii Beaches

The best way to determine which beaches you want to visit is to think about what you want to accomplish while you are in Hawaii. If all you want to do is lie on the sand and soak up the tropical sunshine, you might want to go to Sandy Beach. If you are more interested in snorkeling and seeing Hawaii’s aquatic life, you should stop at Hanauma Bay. If surfing is your thing, you will have to find a beach where the waves match your surfing skills.

San Diego Beach

San Diego. 

Shifting to the west Coast, your family might enjoy a stay at the Beach Cottages.  This site offers numerous amenities such as water sports, biking, as well as an amusement park.  For the kids, San Diego Zoo and Sea World are not far from the Beach Cottages.  

One of the most famous San Diego beaches is Coronado Beach. This beach is well known for being one of the finest beaches in California and in the whole country. On a basic level, this beach is wide, well-maintained, and family friendly, but there’s more too: The community of Coronado adds another element of mansions lining the ocean and yacht clubs lining the bay. Beyond sunbathing and swimming, there’s plenty to do at Coronado Beach including al fresco dining, working on your skills at the skate park, or simply taking in the sunset.

Centrally located to restaurants and shopping, Beach Cottages is an affordable vacation spot where the family can enjoy the sun, the surf, and other amenities available.  In fact, you can book a studio that offers a fully equipped kitchen.

Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach.  

Located on Santa Monica Bay, this report haven is perfect for family beach vacations.  Here you can enjoy water sports, fishing bicycling, kayaking, as well as fine restaurants shops located not far from the Santa Monica Pier.  There are many hotels that are situated across the street from the beach or within walking distance.  Each has its own set of amenities that are geared towards families. 

The beach in Redondo Beach California certainly tops the list of attractions in Redondo Beach, and among the activities that you can enjoy when spending time on it include swimming, sandcastle building, playing volleyball, bodyboarding, and surfing. You can also rent a bicycle here and take to The Strand, which is a bicycle path that runs along the beach. Coincidentally, The Strand or South Bay Bicycle Path, runs for 22 miles, and it connects Redondo Beach with Santa Monica to the north. The Strand is wheelchair friendly, which means that basically anyone can enjoy it. In addition to bicycling, many of the path’s users take to it to do some jogging, skateboarding, and rollerblading. As for those who are interested in doing some surfing in Redondo Beach California, the waves here are pretty consistent, and every once in a while, they can top out at around 15 to 20 feet. Volleyball enthusiasts will find the wide and flat beach here to also be ideal for their sport of preference, but it’s understandable if you simply prefer to relax and soak up some sun when spending time on the sand here. Public restrooms and showers can be found at the beach, as can a bait and tackle shop and a number of food and watersports equipment concessions. 

Redondo Beaches

Redondo Beach was originally part of the 1784 Rancho San Pedro Spanish land grant that later became the South Redondo area. The city's territory has an unusual shape including an area along the beach (South Redondo Beach) and another strip inland from Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach (North Redondo Beach), and its just south of Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach, which together with Redondo Beach are known as the Beach Cities. These cities not only offer great beaches, but also feature an array of dining and shopping opportunities. When you’re not frequenting the downtown shops, restaurants, and bars in downtown Redondo Beach, you can check out those found at the pier or at the marina. Other attractions in Redondo Beach include the city’s parks and its Historical Museum.

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