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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Drugs traffickers

Drug trafficking has become an increasingly growing problem in the world today as more people are involved in drugs. People think it is a fast and easy way to get money, not knowing all the risks. There are many risks when dealing drugs and the risks are all different depending on what kind of drug it is and how addictive it is.
Drugs are fast spreading through the high school systems. There are always a few kids in every school that drop out and start to deal drugs .There are many people who support the idea that drug traffickers should be executed because of many reasons which are helping the community and humans to live and feel freedom. Firstly, an important reason is that drugs kill so a strong deterrent is needed and prison is not enough . The public expects a severe penalty and these criminals are too dangerous to allow live.
On the other hand, others think that drugs traffickers should not have such strong punishment. First of all that drugs traffickers may do not do this kind of anti-social activity again so the government should not punish them in this way. Another reason is that there are much more serious crimes that deserve severe punishment such as terrorism, murder, rape or child abuse. Drugs are fashionable and all sections of society use them, even President Obama and Clinton have admitted drug use. There are many categories of drugs and levels of dealers and they cannot all be treated in the same way.
Finally each society has its own system of punishment for crimes. It is better to treat these people are give them an alternative rather than killing them as there are too many people who are suffering.

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