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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Students who fail should pay for college

Nowadays most governments provide their populations with free education colleges and universities to get good knowledge’s and reach high level of educations. That will help the people and their countries for more improvements. In this argument essay I will discuss whether failing students should pay for college or no.

There are some people agree that students who fail should pay for college for several reasons. The first main reason is that they are wasting valuable money of the government budget, especially young students who finish the high school level and going to attend colleges and universities to continue their education. These careless students should pay to complete their education on their own responsibility.
On other hand, there are several reasons why failing students should not pay. The first major reason is that the student’s family might not have enough money. Some students who fail have family financial or other difficulties. This might be the reason why they could not focus their efforts in their study. Another important reason is that students who fail a certain course have to be given a chance to improve themselves. This might encourage them to study harder in order graduate.

In conclusion, in my opinion I think that the government should put a limit of years for the failing students to give them chance to prove them and to realize the real meaning of study.

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