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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Has the internet brought us together or pushed us apart?

Everyone pretty much agrees on is the fact that the invention of the Internet has been a phenomenal achievement. Personally, I feel that the way someone decides to utilize the Internet affects whether it brings them closer to others or whether it alienates them even further.
Some people believe that the Internet has brought us together are through blogs such as social tools, Face book and through email services such as Gmail. These three programs allow us to talk to friends and complete strangers living halfway across the world in a matter of seconds. Because of these tools, we are now able to organize people for activities and events in a much faster and efficient manner. Being able to mail someone a picture, business contract or even simple letter takes a fraction of the time that regular snail mail takes to deliver.
Obviously, not everything that the Internet has provided is for our benefit. There is an insane amount of copyright violation taking place through illegal file sharing. People are able to rip TV shows, movies and games without paying for any of it and this hurts the entertainment industry. We also see people gaming over Xbox Live, Play station Network and PC at a far higher level than previously. Although this allows us to meet others over the internet, most of the time, it is just a way for people to spend time by themselves at home for countless hours at a time without any outside interactions. This is not that healthy but people can make a choice to use the internet for its beneficial means rather than completely hate it for the few inconveniences or hindrances that it brings along.
In conclusion, I agree, there are two sides to this question and the internet does have the ability to separate us. Social media like Face book and others help to bring people together. Using various websites and internet programs we can share pictures and videos, keep current in family events and happenings and share other information.

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